Английский язык: Контрольная работа №4 - Вариант 4

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Английский язык: Контрольная работа №4 - Вариант 4

Дисциплина: Английский язык

ВУЗ: Белорусский государственный университет информатики и радиоэлектроники

Специальность: АСОИ

Вариант 4

Контрольная работа № 4

1. Перепишите предложения, найдите в них инфинитив и подчеркните его, определите его форму. Письменно переведите предложения на русский язык.

  • 1. To prevent intrusions, you need to take additional precautions.
  • 2. The equipment to be installed is very effective.
  • 3. Automatic Management Systems are known to have appeared quite recently.
  • 4. The development of the project appears to be improving.
  • 5. The first electronic computer is thought to have been constructed in 1946.

2. Перепишите предложения, подчеркните инфинитив и определите его функцию. Письменно переведите предложения на русский язык.

  • 1. It is necessary to deactivate file and printer sharing if your computer is not connected to LAN.
  • 2. The first step is to make sure that operating systems security patches and service packs are up to date.
  • 3. Although many people begin with a dial-up connection, many soon prefer to explore high-speed Internet access options.
  • 4. Firewall software is designed to analyze and control incoming and outgoing packets.
  • 5. How would you like high-speed Internet access to require no cables, no modem and no more subscription fees?

3. Перепишите предложения. Подчеркните в каждом инфинитивный оборот и определите его форму (объектный, субъектный и предложный инфинитивный оборот). Письменно переведите предложения на русский язык.

  • 1. For a computer to be programmed each problem must be reduced to a series of very simple steps.
  • 2. A remote terminal enables the user to operate the distant computer, just as if that person were sitting in front of the distant computer and using its keyboard.
  • 3. The event is a message that causes a procedure (subprogram) attached to respond.
  • 4. As your data arrives at the ISP, a router is likely to send it out over the Internet.
  • 5. When you transmit data, your modem is sure to modulate the signal that carries your data.

4. Преобразуйте предложения, воспользовавшись инфинитивом или инфинитивным оборотом и словами в скобках, если они даны. Письменно переведите полученные предложения на русский язык.

  • 1. He said: “No smoking, drinking or eating at the computer”.
  • 2. He was very inexperienced. He could not conduct an experiment of this type. (too).
  • 3. It is possible that computers can handle all types of information. (for)
  • 4. He was the last man who left the office.
  • 5. It is advisable that we should reboot the system if problems occur.

5. Перепишите предложения, употребив нужную форму прилагательного (much – many, (a)little – (a) few). Письменно переведите предложения на русский язык.

  • 1. I haven’t given very ... attention to this problem.
  • 2. There are ... ... free ISPs who only charge local or national rates for their telephone helplines.
  • 3. ... notebooks have built-in Wi-Fi transceivers and software.
  • 4. Overseas transmission usually requires ... ... more time.
  • 5. It takes ... time to get documents via the mail but they arrive in minutes via e-mail.

6. Прочтите и письменно переведите текст.

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